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The Sex Club by LJ Sellers

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 28, 2010

Recently, I had the pleasure of being sent two books to review by a person I had never even heard of before – LJ Sellers. As soon as I started reading her work, I just knew this was going to be an important author to follow.  I mentioned this first book and it’s topic to an on-line writing group I belong to and almost immediately, people began acquiring the book on their Kindle™ or ordering the book. For matters of disclosure, the book below was provided to me free of charge by the author and the opinions are my own.

The Sex Club by LJ Sellers

Writing about the hard issues and choices that women have is something in which  L.J. Sellers excels. In The Sex Club, Sellers tackles the controversial topic of Planned Parenthood, a world-wide organization that provides counseling on sex education, disease transmission and pregnancy options.

A pipe bomb explodes at a birth control clinic and we are introduced to a wonderfully portrayed nurse/heroine named Kera Kollmorgan.  One of her clients from the clinic is soon found naked and dead, tossed without regard in a dumpster. There are so many potential suspects and very few clues to lead to any case solution, and the violence continues to escalate as conflicting philosophies and relationships collide. Kera appears to be the target but due to patient privacy issues, a lot of the clinic information cannot be released, even to the police. Add in another level of intensity when you realize that most of the victims are early teens, hardly more than children that are playing a very dangerous game. Secrets abound and the lead detective fears that his own teen daughter may be targeted as well. Kera has realized the connection between the dead girls and the school and churches they all belong too, and rather than reveal the information, starts her own investigation which puts her in the spot light as a target as well. Oh, and add a little politics in there for flavor as a high ranking official becomes under suspicion and the investigators are walking on tenterhooks.

Sellers’ straight forward writing style coupled with a compelling mystery will capture your attention from the start and keep you turning the pages through the thrilling conclusion of this very important topic. The police procedural aspect of the story is well researched and the characters believable in their complexities.


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What are you reading/writing?

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 23, 2010

Just popping in for a few minutes, taking a break away from the non-stop tax returns. The UPS guy laughs at me now when he drops off a package nearly every day. The Fed-X guy, of course, just drops the package on my door, rings the bell and RUNS! And of course, there is the mailman. Did I mention that last week I received two pieces of mail that were postmarked DECEMBER 2009! [Yes, 3 months late]. The mail person [not always the same one as we are an ‘extra’ add-on to a couple of routes], instead of using the large key/lock-boxes, prefers to bend and fold and stuff my mail into our tiny little box. I am appalled by our mail system – but that is not what I am supposed to be writing about!

What are you reading and/or writing about these days? Although I have been busy serving my tax clients, I still find time to read here and there. Sometimes, that is the only way to shut off my brain. Currently, I am in the process of reviewing several books, writing a newsletter, writing some pieces for my ‘Heroes & Guns’ series and setting up an interview with an author.

Here is a taste of what I am reviewing: by LJ Sellers, an author that addresses some hard issues and delivers some ‘keep-you-up-all-night’ thrillers:

And another pair of books that I keep returning to with their amazing history of Druids, finely written by Ellen Evert Hopman;

And for my taste of the entertaining mystery, I am writing a piece for my Heroes & Guns series from out of a great book by Ben Rehder. Hey Ben – you forgot to sign the book. What a wonderful wit this author has!

So if you happen to be looking for some good reading – just look for the above books. If you want to wait and see my reviews first, I hope to say I will have them all out – somewhere – in about a week. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the first few postings on my ‘Heros & Guns’ series by selecting that category over on the right side of my blog. Drop me a comment and tell me what you are reading/writing about. Next month, after April 15th, I hope to delve into some non-fiction, memoir and more Druid books and a bit more Native American research.

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