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Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on May 8, 2011

I miss my Mom. She was my best friend. We had a very interesting relationship and her trust in me through the years is surely part of what made me so strong. Vivid flashbacks.
Mom racing me to the doctor with my arm splinted to phone books and one arm steering while the other holds a rag to my face to stop the bleeding.
Mom telling me I was a big girl now and she couldn’t pick me up anymore.
Mom telling me not to worry about the blood all over my first ever ‘store-bought’ party dress – we’ll fix it after the doctor fixes you.
Mom tearing the police officers a new you-know-what because they wouldn’t let me out of jail when I was pulled in with a bunch of other kids.
Mom letting me keep a snake in my room – that often got loose.
Mom, waking me in the middle of the night and telling me to go catch the noisy mouse in the bathroom because one of mine must have gotten loose – and then shreiking the next morning when she finds what I caught was a big ol’ RAT.
Mom, sleeping on a mattress by the back door to greet me when I snuck back in.
Mom, getting just as many gifts, candy and flowers from my boyfriends as I did!
Mom, being brave enough to let me drag her out into deep water on a raft while I snorkeled around the reef.
Mom, tagging along on some of my adventures even though she wasn’t an outdoor person – and as payment for one, she tripped in a dinosaur track and fell in the river – and I snapped a picture! It’s priceless.
Mom, putting together a very special wedding for me when I eloped to Las Vegas – and took the family with us!
Mom getting drunk with me on an all girls cruise to drown my sorrows about my divorce and loss of home and business.
Mom being there to hold my hand for the birth of my child.
Mom, trusting me to take care of her in her last days on earth.
Mom, as an Angel, watching over me and coming to me in my sleep when danger was present.

Love you Mom!


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Mmmm stands for Mom

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on May 11, 2008

Mmmmm stands for Mom


When you walk in her house and smell the pot roast cooking, you say “Mmmm”


The feeling you got as a little girl and she hugged you for no reason, say “Mmmm”


When you carried in the sun baked sheets from the line and wrapped the warm fragrance around you, you close your eyes and say, “Mmmm”.


When you come in from the snow and stomp your wet feet, then sit at the kitchen table to enjoy hot chocolate, your tastebuds say, “Mmmm’


When you catch a whiff of a lady walking by and smell the lingering fragrance of Chantilly or Chanel #5, you think of mom and think, “Mmmm”.


When you sit on the porch with your favorite hot tea that mom once gave you, you put up your feet, relax, sniff the brew and say, “Mmmm”.


When you wake to that smell of fresh roast coffee, your memories bring back those wakings when young and mom made the first pot of coffee. Close your eyes and say, “Mmmm”.


When you hug that little child, fresh from it’s bath and see the sleepy eyes look at you while that little hand grasps a handful of your hair, feel the “Mmmm”.

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