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Go Green for Spring!

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on April 4, 2010

Today is the day that many people worship their various ways in celebration of Easter and Spring. One of the many ways we like to celebrate this holiday, after we’ve attended to our morning rituals [outdoor sunrise services are especially beautiful with all the wild flowers this year] is to gather with family, have a picnic or large family dinner and hunt for Easter eggs [Spring eggs?] with the little ones.

One thing we know is that children of all ages like to hunt for the treasures in the grass, near rocks and logs – sometimes in the mailbox or dog house! It is never too early to teach our young ones about respecting our mother earth. So why not have a special hunt? While you are tending to that succulent goose or ham in the oven or the men are slaving over the grill, have someone take the younger kids on a recycle hunt. You have to plan ahead, of course, and plan for a treat at the end. Take them to the lane leading to your home, or a local roadway [not too much traffic!] or even the local riverside or park. Challenge each of them to gather up the cans and bottles they find along the way, maybe even the fast food cups. Give them a rousing story or two, point out the beautiful wild flowers – or flowering weeds – that are having a hard time poking their heads up with the cans and cups crushing them down.

When you are done, hopefully you didn’t keep them out TOO long, bring them back to the nest and trade them their trash for treats and trinkets. Maybe an Easter cupcake, some quarters, a handful of [sugar free] candy – or some fresh apple and orange slices. Make it special, and make it an annual traditions.  Oh, don’t blow off the REAL egg hunt – have that one too. Wow – how many kids get to say they had TWO Easter egg scavenger hunts in one day?!

One more thing – this is National Poetry Month. Please be sure to visit some of the sites like this one: www.riehlife.com and read some of the poems to inspire you. I was fortunate on this blessed day to have my nature piece, titled ‘The Sparrow’ featured on Riehlife today!


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Making Easter Eggs

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 22, 2008

eastereggs0011.jpgeastereggs006.jpgToday I experimented with various leaves, fruit and veggies to color my easter eggs. Using beet juice, onion skins, dried orange rinds, dried lemon peels & turmeric, Redbud flowers, rosemary leaves and flowers, green clover leaves and other things, I steeped several things in boiling water to get colors I wanted. I am ashamed to say I had to use blue food coloring too since I couldn’t recreate the color. After I got several colors, I heated up about 1 cup of each liquid (Strained) to almost boiling, added 1 tablespoon of vinegar and dropped in the empty eggs I have been blowing out for about a week. The results were great (although my coffee cups are stained). These eggs, which I have drying on bamboo skewers, will make a great centerpiece with all the rosemary branches and their little purple flowers that I chopped from the garden today. Maybe a sprig of my red bud tree too. Now I just have to find one of the digital cameras, son’s is missing & husband’s is in the truck; I really need one of my own.

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