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Two Beautiful Women

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on August 1, 2010

Where has the time gone? Seems like it was almost yesterday that we were celebrating the fourth of July, our Independence Day. Another thing that happened on the 4th – that is the day that my mom died in 2001. I like to say she went out with a bang, and yes, there was a big bang in my heart when I lost my best friend.

I often wear, in the summer, a scarf Kaftan that one of mom’s very best friends made for her. Wearing this Kaftan, I feel the memories of two beautiful women. The maker of the Kaftan was a lady I like to think of as my second mom. Her name was May Riley, formerly of London, England and married to a US soldier. I first remember her when our families met in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in about 1965. She and my mom became very good friends and that friendship lasted, and grew, until first my mom died and a couple years later, dear May died as well.

The fabric of the Kaftan tells the story of two very different women. One side, the black pattern often seen in Persian and Arab type rugs – very proper, universal and staid. The fabric, a cotton poly blend – sturdy I would say, but comfortable. This is the side I think of as May. She, like the color, pattern and fabric was very British proper, sturdy and dependable. On the other side, the fabric chosen for my mom’s side is a bright green Paisley pattern of a silky material – full of color to match my mom’s green eyes and swirls that show a classy edge.

Each time I look at the two sides of this beatiful Kaftan, I see my mom and May. I know the love May spent in choosing the fabrics and hand sewing the garment for her great friend. I feel the arms of two beautiful women, friends for life, wrapping around me each time I wear this. I will never forget my two beautiful moms, both taking their places now as Angels in Heaven and watching over me. Tonite, I think I will let these two beautiful women hug me to sleep and bless my dreams with sweet memories of them.


2 Responses to “Two Beautiful Women”

  1. susanideus said

    Don’t know why I’m not getting your updates. What a beautiful piece of writing. I’d love to see the Kaftan. What a blessing to you to have it. Love ya!

  2. Range Officer Rhonda said

    Thank you Susan. If told in even more length, this story gets even better. I need to go back and edit it to include the fact that May was dying, more slowly, than my mom, but she stayed in town to be with my mom to the end instead of moving to Colorado to be with her families. Unbelievable friendship. And how my mom gave it to me. And maybe include a picture. I just had to get it down finally because it was hanging in my head for about two weeks.

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