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Tax Season Hibernation

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 12, 2010

I apologize to my readers [all 3-4 of you] for not posting the past 4 weeks. If you know me, then you probably realize I am deeply immersed in tax season. Not only that – but those of you that know me REAL well, know I’ve also been teaching a lot of classes. Two of my busiest weekends of the year this past month I skipped my tax work and helped out with two instructor training classes. And then I got sick with  multiple respiratory infections. With the doc’s help, I got rid of most of this but still have a lingering bone weariness and slight cough. And am behind in my tax work.

All that doesn’t mean my mind isn’t still percolating though! There have been some very interesting discussions on safety and women in an online group I belong to. Safety is one of the things I do teach, whether it is personal safety or equipment safety. This I wanted to make a comment on. Many more people, especially women, are coming to me with the request for advice/training on what gun to buy and how to use it. Yes, I can do that – but boy do I most of the time advise NOT to go out and buy yourself a gun unless you are comfortable with it. And everyone in your household must be comfortable with it too; then factor in any children or visiting children. Do you have a gun safe? So no, in the rising panic, I do NOT tell people to go out and buy a gun and a few bullets.  Here is what I DO tell them. Buy two things, multiple quantities. A baseball bat [at least 3] and Wasp spray cans [at least two]. What? You heard me right. Keep one bat in your car in easy reach for the driver, another under your bed and one by the door of your house. A BIG walking stick will work too, and has the added benefit of not looking so silly when you go for a walk and useful for a klutz like me. The wasp spray? It will spray up to 20 feet away or more in a fierce jet of spray – will not only kill wasps, but blind any attacker and scare off most animals. I carry one when I go for walks and have two in my house – one in the garage and one near the front door.  Yea, yea, you can buy a can of pepper spray and keep it in your purse, your car, by your bed, by the door even. That works OK and they have the tiny little convenient ones, even ‘cute’ ones. But for me – it’s the wasp spray.  Now, I personally have a nice selection of guns at hand as well and a family of guys that also know how to use them very well, in a safe manner. But most people aren’t in my position.

You can’t believe how much more relaxed and empowered you can feel with a can of wasp spray at your side. And the bat? Buy yourself a “T” and a few hard balls – take it outside and slug a few from time to time – gives you the feel of the bat and a little good exercise. You may even have a dog or child that would be willing to ‘fetch’ the balls back for you – or you’ll get some more exercise. Once in awhile, just to see what it is like, take a pumpkin or small melon and put it on a stump and smack it with your bat. You will see how much damage that can really do. Your kids, your spouse, your neighbors and others may think you are really weird, but just think of the fun you will have!


One Response to “Tax Season Hibernation”

  1. Sandi Ault said

    Loved this. Good advice!

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