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Soldier has a bad day

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on December 22, 2009

Have you ever had one of those really bad days when things really get you down? And to make matters worse – you are far away from home and it is Christmastime? Let me tell you about a soldier that recently had a bad day.

On Sunday, my son and I met a couple others and went to the late showing of a new movie. When we got out of the theater, it was about 1:30 in the morning and literally, freezing outside. We were the last two, save one way far off, cars in the parking lot. As we walk to our cars, a young guy calls out to us across the lot, “Hey, do you happen to have any jumper cables?” The other car with us did not have any, but I usually do have some. Sure enough, a good newish strong pair rest under the back seat. I drive over to his car and we hook up, attempting to start the car. Our first attempts don’t work, so we let it charge for a few minutes and try again. No joy. Dang. This young kid, surely under 21, says he needs to buy a new battery and asks if there is a place nearby. We tell him Wal-Mart is just up the street. He was going to walk, but I offered him a ride.  The young man didn’t have a coat, just a thin, long-sleeved shirt. He was somewhat reluctant, but finally agreed we could take him. Apologizing, I asked to see some ID. He shows me an ID that immediately identifies him as a soldier from Ft. Hood. I take the pass over to our friends’ car and show them the ID and make note of the name. They agreed to follow us to Wal-Mart with their cells phones ready to dial 911, you just can’t be too safe these days.

We make it to Wal-Mart and drop him off, offering to wait and take him back, but again, he turns us down. So we drive off, feeling good for doing our good samaritan bit and head for our homes and warm beds.

Little did I know that the soldier’s day was going to get worse after we left him. As I was cleaning out the back of my truck this morning, I spot something on the floor that doesn’t look like my normal junk [props for my outdoor courses]. I pick it up and discover – the young man’s wallet! It had fallen out of his pocket and between the seats. Oh my gosh, I was so upset. How did he get his new battery? How did he get back to Ft. Hood – or even on the base! No coat, car won’t start, an hour from his base, freezing temps in the wee morning hours – and now – no ID, no money – nothing.

Attempting to find out something, maybe a phone number or address, I had to open the wallet and violate his privacy. No phone number, he is from California so no local address. I just had a name and ‘Ft. Hood’. Dang. Digging a little deeper, and feeling bad that I have to, I find a piece of paper and open it – it is a duty roster sheet and lo and behold, our guy is on there and I have the shipping address for the building he works at. Yea! I try to call information [not a good thing to use successfully these days] and couldn’t find a phone number for the soldier locally. When I called the main number at Ft. Hood, they couldn’t help me either. Finally, I just took the wallet to the post office and overnighted it to his office. 

So a poor kid, far from home at Christmas time, no money, no ID, no car, freezing in the middle of the night. He would have to jump through hoops to get back on the base without his pass or any type of ID; especially in light of the tight security measures after the shooter kills several on the base last month. Losing your ID is a VERY big deal and I am sure he caught hell for it. What a bad night. I hope he gets his wallet in time before Christmas. I wish I could have done more for PFC Aaron G. – God Bless our Troops!


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