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Pretty Hibiscus & Bargain shopping

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on November 29, 2009

Just wanted to share another flower with you. This past week, our yard has been full of flowers – some I can’t even name. This particular beauty is my peach colored Hibiscus. It often has several blossoms at a time but took a severe hit this past summer. We nursed it along, repotted and got it out of the sun, now it is back to bloom. Soon, I will have to move this inside. This is a night shot picture next to my small Koi pond in what I call my ‘tropical’ garden. You may have to click on the image & enlarge to appreciate some of the beauty of the blooms.

A funny thing I heard today. One of the few things I shop for in the after Holiday sales [Easter, Valentines, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc] are the candles. I can’t resist them and I usually get them for pennies on the dollar in the clearance sales. I burn them on the porch, the patio, and, if they have lead free wicks, in my home in nearly every room. Another thing I do is to get several different sizes and colors. Then, when the Autumn/Winter holidays roll in, I will make centerpieces with the greens from the yard [Holly, Rosemary, Juniper, etc] and the berries of several plants [Holly, Mistletoe & more]. Then I will stick a candle in the middle [from my last year’s gleanings] and voila! Pretty centerpieces and nice house gifts to share during holiday parties for pennies.

Last year, I mentioned to a friend of mine that she should take advantage of this – buy the candles at the sales, store or use them during the year, and reserve a few for the holiday centerpieces. And she faithfully went out and bought many candles. And burned a few, but stored away many of them. I get this frantic call – “What do I do now? I stored all the candles like you said, but they have all melted and stuck together.” She stored them in her attic. In Texas. Record heat summer. Basically, I told her to never store them in the attic [you never said anything about that!] in the future, but for now, she could probably melt some of them down or chip them up to put in white candle wax, get some wicks and make her own candles. I imagine she will just throw them all away. Just a reminder that candles don’t do well stored in your attic. Or rubber fishing worms in an outside shed or the attic. But you all knew that, right?


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