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Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on October 12, 2009

I don’t know why this picture draws me, but I like it. Every morning when my son and I leve for school, we drive by this tower and often see dozens of these Turkey Vultures gathering on this tower. This morning, it was foggy and only about half the normal contingent are present, but I had to snap a picture or two. Sometimes, there are many of them gathered on a nearby Mesquite tree, which becomes so crowded the limbs sag to the ground. Last week, we counted nearly 60 of them on the tower and wondered how much weight this was putting on the tower and why they have been gathering here for the past month or so. What is there for so many of them to eat? The tower is very close to IH 35  – could they be waiting for road kill? We have a few that come and temporarily roost on our house or big Oak tree, but never more than 3-4 of them at once.  Often, we see them gracefully soaring through the thermals, drifting, climbing. On the ground, they look awkward and huge, but in the air, simply grace.buzzards2


One Response to “Buzzards”

  1. sampatron said

    Hi Rhonda, I really like the pic of the vultures. My personal name for them is “Death Eagles.” Death is a natural part of life and with their ability to soar so high, it’s hard not to compare them to eagles, at least for me. When I lived in town, there was a water tower on top of one of the hills and there was always a large number of vultures there early in the mornings. I suppose they roosted there and waited for the sun to come up so they could spread their wings as if in salute to it. It was fascinating to watch the fog burn off and see them gradually start to move about. Sam

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