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Zuchinni Pasta & Rainy days

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on October 3, 2009

Finally, we are getting a series of rainy days and storms here and there. The good news – we really need the rain. The bad news – cooped up inside all day with bored people, so it’s hard to get anything done. Also, if there is a hint of thunder, my ‘brave’ dogs are almost always in my lap. It’s not so bad when Ruby sits under my desk [where she always is] – but when both dogs, at about 65 pounds each, get under there, it gets a bit crowded and the computer and phone wires get nudged, pulled and sometimes, disconnected. DeskdogAs you can see by the picture [this is Ruby], my feet are usually covered too. That’s actually a good thing – they are soft and warm!

Now, what’s this about Zuchinni Pasta? As a low carb eater, I had to find a substitute for pasta and experimented with several things. Surprisingly, I discovered several veggies that substitute quite well, but the most abundant veggie in my garden these past couple of years have been yellow squash and zuchinni. Here is how I prepare the zuchinni:

Clean zuchinni and pare off any bad spots. Usuing a vegetable peeler, cut thin strips of zuchinni – similar to if you were peeling a cucumber – except you are going to eat this! If you don’t like to look at the green stuff – some people, especially children, are green-aphobes – then peel and toss the green part. [Just don’t tell me you did that!] Keep slicing off long peels, plan on 1 medium zuchinni per person if you are serving this as a meal in place of pasta. If the veggie peeler doesn’t work for you – you can also slice the zuke lengthways about 1/4 inch thick, then turn it on it’s side and slice thin slices off of that – it will look more like fettucine this way. Boil the ‘noodles’ in salted water for about one minute, then immediately rinse with cold water. When you are ready, add the sauce [it will heat up your noodles]. As an alternative, you can simmer the noodles in garlic butter or steam them and toss with your favorite cream sauce or add them to your regular pasta.

And I may as well add – yes, I tried MANY veggies this way. A particulary beautiful combination was zuchinni, celery, carrot and red pepper pasta. But each cooks at a different rate! The red peppers need about 7 minutes, the carots & celery about 4-5. You will have to experiment.

For REAL noodles, of course, you can cook the veggies to mush, let them cool and mix with flour, eggs and salt and make just like grandma used to make! While zuchinni is good like this, when making these noodles I prefer using spinach or sweet potatoes. WHAT??? You haven’t had sweet potato noodles? How about Sweet potato soup? Oh, my gosh are you missing out on some treats! But those are for another story time, boys and girls. Today is just about Zuke pasta and rainy days – hope you enjoy it!


5 Responses to “Zuchinni Pasta & Rainy days”

  1. Thanks for this. I’ll try it. We love spaghetti squash. I made baked sweet potato fries last night to go with pork chops. Our favorite way to fix them is to saute onions until almost caramelized, add garlic and cubed sweet potatoes. Saute a few minutes more. Add salt, pepper, Cajun seasoning to taste. Put in a casserole and bake for about 30 minutes. Yum! We never fix sweet potatoes with sweet stuff like marshmallows or brown sugar. Yuk! They are already so sweet.

  2. Rhonda, you and SusanI are inspiring me. Love the zuke noodles, and the sweet potatoes sound like a winner. I also do zukes in the dehydrator and put them in a jar with other dried vegetables on the counter, for tasty additions to soup.

    • Range Officer Rhonda said

      I tried the Zukes in my dehydrator. Thought they would be good to snack on, but I have them in a bag waiting to go into soup since I didn’t like them as snacks. [My doing – not the food – I just didn’t prepare them correctly] Now the dried peaches I did this way – yum! Almost as good as dried apricots, except I don’t have apricot trees!

  3. Kaviar said

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