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Tropical Garden Snow

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on September 23, 2009

The first day of Autumn, on Sept 21st, brought cooler temperatures, gentle breezes – and a true ‘fall’. As you can see by this picture of my tiny pond/garden, all day the Crepe Myrtles have been gently dropping their blossoms, like a delicate pink snow, onto the pond and garden. I sat there enjoying the fall, quite, pink [in compliment to my pink outfit for the day!] and covering the ground with a gentle swirl of pink, looking for all purposes like a pink snow covering the tropical plants that thrive in the moist heat around my pond.Tropicalsnow0909[2] By the way, igonore the date, once again on the picture. It seems whenever my husband changes the batteries, he doesn’t change the date; while I on the otherhand, always make sure the date is current so as not to confuse me when I take a picture.

Some people think that Crepe Myrtles create an unholly mess and don’t like them in the garden, but I don’t mind scooping the gentle blossoms from the pond or sweeping them from the porch as this may be one of the few colors that can sustain it’s presence in our severe drought the past two summers. In fact, the trees thrive so well we often have to cut them back, remove the suckers and dig out the creepers that want to snake through and appear within the Sago, Holly and Boxwoods. Shortly after this picture was taken, a well appreciated rain came along and did make the soggy blossoms much less appealing than the gentle, blowing color I was enjoying earlier in the day.sagoPalm0909 This Sago Palm is daintily displaying some of the Myrtle blossoms on it. This is the home of several Anoles, which cavort all over the plant, catch the sun, or on a warm night, they glow as they sleep spread out on one of these branches. They also enjoy a great game of chase in the branches of the Crepe Myrtle and they change colors from the light tan bark of the tree to the green Sago – always perfectly displaying their colors proudly. I wonder if the color of the blossums on the leaves disturbs them, or if they try to immitate that color as well? So far, the only color I have seen even close to matching the blossoms is when the males thrust out their ruby throats in challenge, or mating displays.

I’ll end with one last picture [three in one post!]. This is a weed that climbs all over everything, but in the fall, it adds a nice bit of color to the hanging basket pole where I have a complimentary  colored Ice plant. There is a Mockingbird that particularly loves this plant and this pole; often he joins me on a piece of driftwood next to the porch to stare up at the vine and basket, or he will delight me with his antics as he perches on the head of the stone frog that spews water in the pond, then dips his head into the flow of water to get a drink. Often, I don’t even know he is there until I hear the stop, then splash of the water as it resumes.Gardenweed


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