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Beaten down by Unemployment

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on September 4, 2009

We’ve been lucky so far, our family hasn’t really imploded or exploded due to the stress of rising costs, failing markets, drought, cars breaking down, relentless heat, gardens and yards dying and more. But it has finally come to pass that the stress of being unemployed is beating down my husband like a mule driver standing over a dead-on-its-feet equine – still yielding the whip. Instead of yelling “Git up you nag’, this driver is yellin: ‘Stay down, suffer’. Is it any wonder the mule sometimes kicks or bites, or just lets out it’s bray of frustration? Unemployment is yielding the whip and my husband has, a time or two, let lose with a bray or two the past few days. [No bites or kicks – he’s not that kind of man or I wouldn’t have him]. We play the game, we help others, conserve where we can and endlessly, endlessly – send in, call in, attend seminars & stand in line – hoping for that one job interview, that one glimpse of ‘you will be rewarded for your efforts’ – a job. Instead, we get the carrot on the stick – plodding on, never to get that reward.

My mule is a stubborn one, but even the best can be beaten down.


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