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Lions, Tigers & Bears – oh My!

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 29, 2009

Be sure and go back and check out my blog entry last fall on Aug 8th about the bees.

Bees are important to the commercial and back yard gardener alike, and their numbers appear to be declining. I can’t tell that here in my portion of central Texas as I have bees everywhere. The title of this post? It comes from an email I sent earlier today. We’ve been experiencing some of our late season frosts again the past week and many people, myself included, are having to move plants in and out and in and out and …well, you get the picture. Last week, when I was moving IN a particularly lush potted lemon tree [as well as roses, Pineapple Sage and Hibiscus that haven’t made it into the ground yet] – I accidentally moved in a few bees that were loving the free lemon flowers. The Lion – the March winds, roaring and rattling the garage doors. The Tigers – bees trapped in the garage where the roaring and rattling are going on. The Bear – those of us who are grumbling about moving all these plants around with the bees chasing me in their anger at not being given a choice where to spend the cold nights.  Fortunately, I think today the last of the bees have made their escape and they are happily enjoying the grapefruit, lemon, peach, mulberry and other blossoms around my yard. The wind dislodged hundreds of grapefruit blossoms and they are scenting up my house as we pick them up and places them in bowls in several rooms. Best air freshener I’ve had in awhile!


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