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Hello-ee Anole

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 8, 2009

polehugginglizard This is our friend Anal. All winter long, when the weather is warm enough, he will come out and hang on this pole to catch some warmth. Sometimes, his female companion will hang out on the leaf behind him. They live somewhere around this Sego Palm. Now that the weather is almost always warm enough, we usually can find the Anole frolic around the pond or warming on this pole to greet us as we walk by. I’ve even seen them go so far as to lick the Hummingbird food off the leaves of the sego when the feeder dripped or lick the dew off the leaves when we have had a dewey or foggy morning. We see babies every year too and know there are at least two males as we see them posturing at each other frequently. Sometimes, one of the guy lizards, usually the smaller one, sits on my window screen of my office window and watches me work. I’ll know he is there by the shadow he casts on my desk, then I’ll open the blinds and watch him. It’s funny how much tiny life goes on around a little pond outside my window. For example, one of the fish in the Koi pond decided to jump out. Fortunately, I found it flapping on the side before it expired and tossed it back in the pond. Today it is doing just fine. Fish, birds, frogs, toads, snakes, lizards, hummingbirds, a Red Tail Hawk, the Mockingbird that sits on the ceremic frog to drink – and more. All the wonderful life in this little bitty private garden outside my window.


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