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Elevator stories

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 4, 2009

It seems many people have ‘elevator stories’ to tell, whether they are funny, heart warming, scary or otherwise. Almost everyone, I believe, has some kind of ‘feeling’ about elevators. For me, when I think of them, I think of something that happened around 1974-75. Although I was only a teenager, my parents had taken me to Las Vegas with them for a short vacation. Mom and dad did not like to gamble much, I’ve never even heard of them losing more than maybe $25 in a day. They didn’t often drink, and when they did, it was not much. But they loved to go to the shows, the bright lights of the Strip and little side trips to places like Henderson, Hoover Dam and the twisty rocky canyons nearby. Not part of this story, but in 1963 we were IN the belly of Hoover Dam when news reached us that Kennedy had been shot.

Here’s the elevator story. My folks, my aunt & uncle and myself had been to a late dinner show in the Sahara. My aunt & mom had maybe had a couple too many drinks (more than one made my mom silly) and decided they needed to go back to the room. As a reluctant teenager, I followed them, but not closely. For once, this holding back paid off. As the gals weaved their way, slightly off kilter, to the elevator, two men headed for the same bank of elevators behind them, not realizing that I was following or part of the group. One of the men starts mocking and apeing the way my mom was walking, but in a much more exaggerated manner. I have to admit, it was funny to see. Then, mom & auntie reached the elevator, pushed the button and the doors parted; to reveal solid mirrored walls. They look up, stepping in, and see these two guys mimic-ing their movements. The two guys stop their antics and STEP INTO THE ELEVATOR with the ladies, not realizing (or maybe not caring?) that they had been caught. I rush to get in as the doors start to close, and much to my surprise, find that it is Jerry Lewis that had been doing all the kidding around. Nobody dared look at each other, it was actually funny considering the entire elevator was mirrored, so no matter how you averted your eyes from the other people, you could see the others in the mirrors. JL has the decency to blush. Not a word was said that entire ride, and it was many floors. As we got out of the elevator, at a much lower floor than the comedians, it was all we could do to wait for the doors to close before we burst into laughter. I remember mom, clutching her stomach and laughing so hard, with the words, “Oh, oh, I gotta pee, stop laughing you two, I can’t take it.”

I know, you had to be there – but this was one of the fond memories I have of my mom, enjoying our deep, can’t look at each other or we’ll bust out again, laughter moments.


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