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Memoir Challenge

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on January 30, 2009

Here I am coming up on the end of the first month in the “HerStories Challenge” and already I am challenged! I created my list of 4 with good intentions and indeed, I have now read two of the books on the list, which are: The Novel & A long way gone. Neither of these books will work for the challenge, darn it! The Novel is a fiction piece, not a memoir and the other, A long way gone, is a young man writing about his life as a boy in Africa.  Strike out – fiction; Strike out – boystory.  I am almost finished reading a great memoir from a New York Times bestselling author from Persia. (The following Photo compliments of Fotosearch.com)persian

Where is Persia, you ask? I had a Persian cat once!  It looked just like the picture above. Well, I have a good story about that:  even though I have done much research on the Middle East for my own memoir, I used to, not so many years ago, not know a whole lot about ‘Persia’. In the mid 1990’s, I had an employee working for me who was somewhat ‘private’ about her heritage. I knew she was from somewhere in the Middle East, but she would not talk about it to her co-workers. As her BOSS, I did privately engage her in conversation a few times to let her know I was open minded about the middle east, having lived there and having friends there. She would only tell me she was Persian. [She bore no resemblance to MY white Persian] But -Ah – HA! I had a lead. And once I looked it up, I understood her reticence in disclosing her nationality.

If you personally, right now, don’t know the history, I’m not giving it away – yet. Look for my post later today or tomorrow with my first 4 line review and maybe you will have your answer, if you haven’t looked it up by then. Isn’t the internet wonderful sometimes? [except for the pleas from Zimbabwe from a long lost relative that wants to pass on your inheritance if you will give them a credit card or bank information]


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