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I’m a Grinch

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on December 22, 2008

A little more than the holiday blahs has caught hold of me this year, so I’ve decided it’s MY problem and I need to work through it. A recent discussion among fellow writers shows me that it is OK to whine a little; maybe getting it out will help. So I’m whining – BIG time. My husband lost his job last month, and prospects don’t look good for him. My son is barely putting in enough effort to pass his first semester of high school [what happened to my honor roll kid?]. Despite encouragement, and yes, sometimes punishment, I can barely get him to eek by a couple classes. Not because it’s a difficult subject – but because he doesn’t want to do his homework or {gasp} study for a test. Barely passing is OK with him. Can you hear me gritting my teeth? Oh, it’s not all classes – in 4 of them he has nearly perfect grades, some are tops in the school. Pffft. This too shall pass.

Because of my ‘funk’ – and not really liking my hubby or my kid very much right now [OK, I don’t like myself either right now] – I declared we weren’t having a Christmas. Maybe a couple small gifts for the teen and that’s it. OK, now my son is depressed, but not really arguing about it. That worried me a little, so last weekend, I made my son get an artificial tree out of the attic and we decorated it. Good start. Then I told him Santa would come through with something, just don’t expect too much.

Today, my husband was upset about it all – I thought he understood that I really don’t want to spend money on useless or frivolous gifts to each other. Instead, he can do some ‘honey – do’s’ for me, like get my poor broken car fixed up with brakes & fix the door that won’t close. It doesn’t cut it for him, so I relented today and pointed out a couple things I needed that he could buy and wrap and surprise me with.

I guess I need to get presents for the dogs too, as I usually do every year. They are cheap and easy to please.

I’ve been baking off and on all week – all sorts of breads and cookies and candy treats. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy this. Today was a marathon bake with 3 types of cookies (I had to stop because I ran out of butter) and 4 loaves of bread. The banana nut bread that I made yesterday had already disappeared! More tomorrow after a trip to the store, but meanwhile, I have a whole bunch of goodies to send with my in-laws when they stop by tomorrow on their way to the family Christmas in Dallas. I won’t be there, but my baked goodies will be – and my good will. I’m just not in the mood to deal with people this year.

I’ll call my dad before Christmas, but he doesn’t know who I am half the time. I’ll tell the nurse to put my picture in his hand before she puts him on the phone; maybe that will spur him into a memory.

OK, I got it all out. Phew. I’m done whining for awhile. Now I’m going to count my blessings, snuggle up on the couch with a dog, a book, a hot cup of my favorite tea and a fresh piece of pumpkin bread. My Christmas tree is pretty and looks nice now that I have a few presents underneath. I do wish all of you a very happy season, whatever your faith may be.


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