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Teenage Angst

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on October 28, 2008

The more I have to deal with my teenager, the more I appreciate what my parents went through to raise 3 of us – and my parents were very young when they had us. By the time my mother was 19 (dad about 24-25), they had 3 babies to raise up. Ick.

Tonite, in a fit of whatever the heck teens get into, my son messed up something on his computer (read: tore something up that can’t be fixed), then went outside in a fit of anger to call someone, dropped his cell phone, it flew into two pieces and he couldn’t put it back together, so now his phone is broken and I can’t fix or replace it (though I still have to pay for the dang service) and apparantly, this comedy of errors has resulted in ‘everything in the world’ is wrong and shut down of communications. And THEN, my husband gets involved – oh, now it’s fun. No computer and no phone the rest of his (son’s) life and now they both think it’s all my fault and both are mad at me. Never mind finding out what the problem is and solving it first. What a fun evening it is.


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