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Garden Jambalaya

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on October 13, 2008

Had to share this, it was so danged good! All came from my garden or at least Texas (like the gulf shrimp, deer/hog sausage and dove didn’t exactly come from my yard – but close enough). If we’re gonna starve and have to pay so much for food, driving, etc., I want as much local produce as I can get.

Wild Game Jambalaya -quick ‘n easy method

1/2 pound chopped sausage (hog/deer), 8 dove or breasts of 8 birds, 2 cups water. Boil with a teaspoon of salt for about 15 minutes. I leave the breasts on the bones and take them out as I am eating, but have to actually pull the bones (as best I can) when I have company. You can omit the meat entirely if you lean more towards veggies, but will have to have a couple cups of some kind of stock (chicken broth, fish, oyster or veggie).

While this is boiling (the meat/stock); collect and finely chop:

2 cloves garlic, 4-5 big bell peppers, 6 ripe jalepeno peppers, 1 onion (red preffered but others OK), half a stalk celery (about 6 arms), 2 quarts of quartered tomatoes, 2 bay leaves, 5-6 chili peppers, half a handful each of thyme & oregano & basil – destemmed & chopped or a teaspoon dried of each, a few pinches of sage. Sometimes I add a couple shakes of dried cayenne pepper, but I haven’t grown those yet, so I used the jalepenos – which are nice and hot now.

Throw all of the above in the stock/meat pot, which should be done cooking. Bring to a boil, then simmer on low for about 20 minutes until all veggies are tender. Add 20-30 fresh peeled shrimp for the last five minutes. Serve plain or with your favorite rice.

Be sure to pull the tails and dip for bones if you are serving this to company! If it were a real Cajun dish, I think they leave the bones & tails on and let you pick your own out – that’s how I serve it at home. This makes 4 main dish servings.


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