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Don’t forget the snake!

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on September 3, 2008

Not to be outdone by our early morning visit of the scorpion (patient is doing well, by the way, just his side and arm are real sore) – tonite as I was coming in the front door, I saw from the corner of my eye a slight difference in the pattern on the brick.

From the title of this note, you must have guessed it was a snake! It was clinging to the bricks that edge my front door. Quietly, so as not to disturb it, I went into the house and got my husband out of bed by asking him if he would like to come catch a snake for me. [Of course he would!]



 This picture is of a somewhat smaller snake than ours, but the unique head markings are quite similar.

As soon as we came out to spot the snake again, it lunged aggressively at my husband and fell to the porch. Using a paper plate to scoop it back away, the snake kept attacking and attacking. His head was larger than his short body with patterns similar to a rattler (Eastern Diamondback), so we were being very cautious. My husband coaxed it into a jar and we brought it into the house to identify. If it was venomous, of course, it would probably have to die. If not, we can release it back into the garden.

In minutes, I had pictures of it identified; this is a very young Texas Rat Snake. They grow around here over 7 feet long! This little guy is just over a foot long. Did I mention how aggressive that little dude is? Fortunately, no painful bites and he can go back out to play in the morning; after I show him to my son.

Snakes don’t bother me as much as the type of biters & stingers I mention in yesterday’s post. I often find snakes when out in the woods on various camp outs or teaching my Hunter Education classes. Nearly every gun range I have worked at, especially at Boy Scout Camps – no, I think every range including, yes, need I mention – the range in New Mexico – has had a snake that had to be relocated or disposed of. Nearly all of them are Rattlers of one type or other and they love to get into the sheds attached to a gun range or up in the rafters of the shooting area cover. I have snake stories to tell about nearly every gun range I have spent some time on. Some to laugh at, some that just chill your bones. I use a very realistic fake snake along my blood trails and have to be careful that I don’t scare the living daylights out of anyone; these are generally people who carry guns, remember? I’ve seen parents complain when their little munchkin tells them how they got scared, so at times I have to modify my training so as not to ‘scare’ anyone. Usually that happens when I have someone under 14 or some big, giant, beefy convicted felon in my class.


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