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Hummingbird wars

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on August 22, 2008

The Hummingbirds around my feeder are getting more active the past two weeks. Generally, there are one or two of them, but today I observed at least six different birds. For sure, one is an adult male Ruby Throated Hummer, while others appear to be a female Black Throated, and two immature birds, both probably Ruby Throats.

All year long, there has been one Hummingbird who has made claim on all four feeders. He/she runs all the others off and the zooming battles are impressive. Today, one of the birds decided to ‘stalk’ me. Every where I went in the yard or on the porch, this bird would zoom around me. It went onto the porch and flew to the front door of my house then back to hover in front of my face, I could almost touch it with my hand if it weren’t so skittish. He (I’m sure this was a boy) had a brilliant green back, a dark stripe on his eye with a small teardrop white spot behind the eye. A small blush of color seems to be blooming on his chin, this could be a male Black Throated Hummer. I think the female of the same species is the one who guards the feeders, so this could be her baby boy.

Earlier this summer, when out on the gun range, we were daily buzzed by large Hummers. I thought at the time that they were attracted by our red hats, a touch of color in the desert sparseness, but perhaps it was the bright yellow shirts? Today I had on the bright yellow shirt and that could be what is attracting the birds.


One Response to “Hummingbird wars”

  1. Red and yellow both are to colors which are known to attract hummingbirds. Keep in mind that many hummingbird feeders that are available have these two colors on them. It could also be that the area in which you were hunting had some type of plants that are known to attract hummingbirds in the area.

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