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Happy Birthday, Beatrix Potter!

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on July 28, 2008

Today is the birthday of Beatrix Potter, I wonder what she would think of the world today if she were still alive? Fondly known for her tales of Peter Rabbit, I dedicate this post to her.

The Jack-a-lope:

Out on the gun range last week in New Mexico, we warned the new shooters that we would need to ‘cease fire’ on the range if any wildlife were to meander by in shooting distance (which they often did). One of the ladies asked if there were any Jack-a-lope’s in the area, to which the story teller in me promptly replied “of course there are” as I proceeded to list some of the wild life we had seen so far.

Later, on break, I spied a cotton tail in the brush and said to the ladies, “Hey look – there’s a Jack-a-lope!” All got up to look, and two grabbed their cameras to get a shot of this rare but cute creature. Sure enough, they spotted the ‘antlers’ above the rabbit’s head and they zoomed in for a good shot. About that time, the cute little bunny decided it didn’t like our company and hopped away – showing the obvious lack of antlers. I told them maybe a real JAL would come along later, to which many of us giggled and laughed. I’m glad I don’t remember the names of the two ladies that eagerly leapt up for the photo op. And I wonder, are they still looking for that illusive beast? Did anybody ever tell them the truth?

As an aside, one of the shooting days brought us the largest Jack Rabbit I haved ever seen in my life. When he stood, with his ears he was over 3 feet tall. What a magnificent boy! He darted all over the range, then was shooed off to the side so we could continue shooting. He crouched down low in distress at the sounds of the guns, but didn’t want to leave the area that he claimed as his range. Finally, he couldn’t take any more and rushed away to find another more suitable location to rest or feast.


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