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Spiders – A Unique Light Pull on switch

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on July 27, 2008

After over two weeks away at a retreat in New Mexico, I’ve returned with loads of notes and many stories to while away the hours.

My first story, entirely true, is about the cabin room I shared. These cabins were mostly bare, with 4 bedrooms containing two single beds, two windows, a tiny bathroom with shower and one plug in outlet. On the ceiling were two florescent lites centered over the beds. Not much else in the rooms. To turn the lights out, you had to toggle the switch by the door which controlled both lights. Somewhat inconvenient, but better than flashlights and lanterns! Towards the end of my stay, I was leaving the room around sunset, shadows abounded. I had switched off the light at the door and was turning back to close and lock the door when I noticed, hanging in the room, a light pull rope with something like a decoration for the ‘pull’ hanging from one of the lights, just above head height. “Huh,” I thought to myself, “I wonder why I never noticed that light pull before? It would have been so convenient”. I went in to test it, reaching out my hand, and just before I grabbed it, IT MOVED! Jumping back to the doorway, I turned on the light switch and observed a HUGE spider hanging on it’s silk rope. (I don’t do spiders). I ran to the central area of the cabin, grabbed two plastic cups, and returned to capture the spider and liberate it out of doors. I couldn’t have gone to sleep knowing that monster was in my room! I had never seen a spider like this before, it was large, brown and furry, reminding me of a small tarantula. I know some spiders, it wasn’t a camel, tarantula, black jumping, brown recluse, black widow or anything I had seen before. (We did find two black widows at another location on the ranch last week; one of them survived) If I had grabbed it with my hand, I’m sure I would still be running and screaming. That had to be the most unique light pull switch I have ever seen – it sure turned my lights on!

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

It’s possible the spider I saw was a Wolf Spider, but being ground dwellers, I can’t figure how it was hanging from the ceiling of the log cabin.


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