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Rain, please

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on June 17, 2008

As a child, I remember the old chant we used to call out, especially if it was ruining our summer fun: “Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day”. Well, we’re living in those other days now and I sure wish we could get a little rain. Say, a half inch a day for the next month. I’d even be happy for a quarter inch. Unfortunately, at this time of year, when the rain does come, it usually is the after affect from some hurricane sliding into the coast somewhere to wreak havoc or is accompanied by damaging hail, winds and tornados.

My nature friendly yard, of course, is a haven for – you got it – nature! Since I water the plants in my vegetable and herb gardens (but not the grass), there are all sorts of birds attempting to take a cool sip of, say tomato juice, grapes and more. Just this afternoon I saw six birds lined up on the fence, each taking turns to swoop in and see which plant they could savage. There were two cardinals, two dove, a sparrow and a starling. Surprisingly, no mockingbirds which are our biggest garden predators.

At night, it’s rather like a farmer’s market with constant visits from deer, rabbit, coons and a feral cat or two hoping to snag a fish from the pond. Last night we even had a fox drift by, always a fun run for the old dogs to bark at.

Surprise, surprise. I spoke to my father on the phone today. He moves around so much from hospital to nursing home that I am never too sure where he is or how he is doing. My sister-in-law was visiting him in the hospital today (an overdose of tranquilizer by nursing home staff) and he wanted to talk to his ‘daughter’, so she put him on the phone with me. It took him a couple of minutes, but he finally figured out who he was talking to. His hearing is not too great and with the scramble eggs in his mind, he wasn’t really sure what the phone was for, but an old dim bulb clicked in and he realized the little voice in his ear was me. It was like a breath of cool air washed over me when I finally got to speak with him for a couple minutes. But then he was gone. I take the few precious moments I can grasp and savor them.


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