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Tornados & Boy Scouts

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on June 12, 2008

It’s so sad to watch the unfolding story of the Boy Scout camp that was destroyed by a tornado yesterday evening; even more, the death of the 4 scouts. After watching it for quite some time, I decided my son, age 14, needed to see the footage as well. So, together, we watched the coverage. We haven’t discussed it yet, but we will as it’s bound to affect him. In one week, we too will be leaving for a Boy Scout camp; our fourth year of doing this. Will he be more scared? Or will it cause him to be more alert and more aware of the training he has had and will be taking. This year, my son is getting his life guard certification at camp as well as a refresher on CPR. My son is 14, remember? Can we count on these boys, at such a young age, to save someone’s life? In school this past year, my son mentioned to his classmates that when you perform CPR, you had to be careful as sometimes you could crack their breast bone or a rib with the force required to administer the chest compressions. He was ridiculed and reminded more than once during the school year about his statement – the kids did not believe him when he related the training he had received. Those kids obviously had not ever taken the course or been briefed properly.

So back to the question: will the boys who are taking CPR, first aid and yes, becoming life guards, be able to react in such a dire situation as happened to the scouts in Iowa? The answer is – YES. I whole heartedly believe they will do some good if not be able to save some lives in their futures. Over and over, I heard the phrase repeated, “Be prepared”. I want the boys to be prepared, but I also want them to see the real world and be informed. Life, and emergencies, do happen and you have to be ready for them.

I’m sure there will be many boys more afraid to camp out, alone, in nature this summer. But hopefully they will take away with them the thought that they need to learn these things and need to be prepared. I am certain, when the time comes, that my 14 year old will make a good lifeguard, maybe even a great one with time and experience. And I will be proud to have my son or any of the scouts, along with me when I go out in the field, in a boat, or just walking down the street. I am no longer there taking care of them, I am there for them to know I support them and believe in them.


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