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Lazy lake day

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on June 8, 2008

My son and I went out to the lake this afternoon to start our two week swimming program. My son will be taking a Life Guard class at the end of two weeks, and I just need to get in shape so I can pass the swim test without looking too out of shape. The water was cool, down right chilly in fact, but we enjoyed it immensely and had fun swimming and horsing around. It was very windy today and there were a lot of boats on the lake, so the waves were fighting us with considerable force. That was probably a good thing as we got more exercise swimming against the current. All in all, it was a fun afternoon.

This little guy, a green tree frog, has made his home in our yard this year. Twice we have caught him clinging to our back glass door, most likely to catch the mosquitos and other bugs that are drawn by the light leaking from inside our house. I actually think there are two frogs as I have been hearing them at night in the tree. As always, they are a welcome guest in our nature friendly yard.

Tomorrow, and the rest of the week, we’ve decided maybe it would be easier to hit the pool in the mornings and do a little lap swimming, with lazy afternoons thrown in here and there at the lake. It sounds like a nice way to start the summer, and a good way to build up endurance for a week of scout camp followed by two weeks of working in the New Mexico mountains. What fun and experiences we are going to have!


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