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Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on June 1, 2008

It’s Sunday night and the new week beckons with new possibilities as the old one lays down to rest. The past week I’ve spent a lot of time in the yard and garden. I have two new herb gardens and repotted several old plants. My gardens are flourishing, except where the deer and rabbits are having a hay day with the flowers. With the hot dry weather and constant wind, I’ve finally had to start the sprinklers to get things out of their limp almost comatose state.

My hummingbirds had vanished for nearly a week and I was sad to think maybe they were gone too quickly; then out of the blue while I was reading on the back porch, a hummer buzzed me to let me know he was back and he was thirsty. I quickly refilled the day old feeders (I was keeping them fresh just in case!) and now I have seen a couple of the hummers at both front and back yard feeders. Phew! Thought I lost them.

My son and I have started a new ‘get in shape’ plan since we are both at the fattest stages of our lives. I had, a few years ago, dropped about 30 pounds to keep my diabetes under control without insulin shots, but slowly, with an unpredicted pregnancy and subsequent problems and maybe a little depression, have put most of the weight back on and I’m sad to say the last 6 months my diabetes is getting out of control again. My just turned14 yr old son developed beginning ulcers last fall and has put on a gross amount of weight the past 6 months – a true sign of stress or depression; I’m not sure which. So, together, we are working to straighten our lives out. We are starting with baby steps – sit-ups and walking; a little more biking, swimming and canoe trips and watching what we eat. We’ve neither of us ever been much for junk food – no candy bars, soft drinks, chips, cakes or cookies to give up. No alcohol either since I don’t drink. None of my family likes to eat out (darn it), so it’s not fast food either. We eat tons of fruits and veggies every day and seldom have beef in the house (I’m allergic to beef). So it’s just plain lack of exercise with a little too much good ol’ home cooking. My husband just left for China so the next 3-4 weeks, it will just be the two of us working together with no outside pressures. We aren’t really going for weight loss, we are both going for more endurance, flexibility and general health. For me, I have six weeks until I have to go into New Mexico mountains and work for two weeks, something that could be tough for a person from the flatlands carrying so much extra baggage. For my son, he starts football and possibly swim team again in the fall and he wants to be more in shape so that he won’t be such a wash out at the practices when they start. So, we’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope we graduate from baby steps to long strides in reclaiming our health.


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