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Update on dad

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on May 25, 2008

I had to include this portion of email about dad from my brother. It sums up everything he is having to deal with right now. I did not correct or omit anything except names.

second nursing home sent him back to XXXXXXxx for re evaluation of meds fighting with residence and making sexual advances unwanted to the female residents. They dont know when he can return to the home or when he,ll settle down. he seems to be getting worst every week. i have a contract on his condo 143000  but no takerss on truck yet with gas the way its getting trucks are hard to get rid of.working on application for va home in XXXXX still have to get dr. statments and notary then its waiting game.noth here but rain and storms crappy holiday week end. we did get every thing out man was it alot of stuff even leaving most of the furnature and appliances.losts of mixed boxes itll take months to go through.still sorting out his paper work. elec goes off 27th home phone is off and insurance on boat, truck, and condo ends 30th. IRS send letter he owed additional 1173.00 I had to pay and his dr. bills are terrible medicare only pays 33% when he is at XXXXXXX. his meds are running about 1500 a month untill I can get him a prescription plan that enrollment aint till nov. va dont blister pack so he cant get his meds through va.  we have about 2000 worth of meds here he cant use because they are not blister pack or have been opened. He kept losing his meds and we kept having to get new ones when he was still loose. found most of the when we moved every thing now we have a stock here he cant use exept if we take him out for a day or so to holiday or event but seems unlikely unless he settles down. any way I could go on forever but that gives you the general idea. Ill let ya know if he finally gets settled in for visits.  the only thing that aint stored is brother R has grandfather clock and I have some of his tools. storage is full!!!!!!!!!  Planning garage sale but moms chest,shells and such wont go but to family. Ill know more whats what when I start going through stuff and garage sale the nicknacks. any way by for now  


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