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Mmmm stands for Mom

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on May 11, 2008

Mmmmm stands for Mom


When you walk in her house and smell the pot roast cooking, you say “Mmmm”


The feeling you got as a little girl and she hugged you for no reason, say “Mmmm”


When you carried in the sun baked sheets from the line and wrapped the warm fragrance around you, you close your eyes and say, “Mmmm”.


When you come in from the snow and stomp your wet feet, then sit at the kitchen table to enjoy hot chocolate, your tastebuds say, “Mmmm’


When you catch a whiff of a lady walking by and smell the lingering fragrance of Chantilly or Chanel #5, you think of mom and think, “Mmmm”.


When you sit on the porch with your favorite hot tea that mom once gave you, you put up your feet, relax, sniff the brew and say, “Mmmm”.


When you wake to that smell of fresh roast coffee, your memories bring back those wakings when young and mom made the first pot of coffee. Close your eyes and say, “Mmmm”.


When you hug that little child, fresh from it’s bath and see the sleepy eyes look at you while that little hand grasps a handful of your hair, feel the “Mmmm”.


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