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Coffin for breakfast?

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on May 10, 2008

My son and I saw the most bizarre thing this AM. We were driving a back road to his school band competition and just as we were driving past an old cemetary, beside the road (about a dozen feet off the road) was a coffin. This is no joke! There were no cars, no trucks, no bulldozer – just a coffin sitting there all by its lonesome. Running barely on time, if not a little late, my son said he didn’t want to back up and go look at it again. (Darn). I didn’t stop until we had passed it maybe 100 yards – it took my mind that long to figure out something was very weird here. Why would an unattended coffin (with a body????) be sitting out with no person to attend. It creeped my son out so we didn’t go back to visit and later in the day, I’d completely forgotten about it. Now I’m burning with curiosity again, but it will have to wait until tomorrow before I go visit that spot again. Now if there ever was a cue to get your creative writing juices flowing – a sole coffin beside the road would definitely do the trick!


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