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I’m thankful for

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on May 7, 2008

More than once today someone passed on a comment about writing about things we are thankful for. It was mentioned in one place that we should write something every day (for a week, a month – any period) that we are thankful for. So today I am going to write a short little piece on what I am thankful for today.

I am thankful for my imagination and the ability to see the humor in life, even when it can be sad or stressful. Let’s take today for an example. I had to go to the hospital today to get some tests done (xray) after a visit to my doctor proved that I’m not getting over my pnuemonia after nearly a month. Since my doctor wrote on the hospital orders that the tests were indicated for pnuemonia related issues, the lady at the registration desk insisted that while I was in the hospital that I wear a face mask so that I wouldn’t infect anyone – if I was infectious. So, in the various waiting rooms, strolling the halls – every where, with an occassional cough, cough, hack, hack, wheeze wheeze – I am seen wearing this mask. The looks I got from so many people! Sitting in the waiting room, someone would get up and move to the other side. When I coughed, people who may have been walking in a straight line suddenly veer to the other side of the hall. What do they think I have? Am I suddenly a typhoid Mary? Inside my imagination, and behind the mask, I smiled. Then I frowned. It’s funny to watch people’s reactions, but also sad that people have to be so fearful of a little cough or something that appears on the outside to be just a little different and mysterious. I know the 3 ladies in xray were asking, after I left the room, “I wonder what terrible thing she has – do you think we should be worried?”. And the intense young man with a tissue in his wringing hands – was he going to get up and go wash his hands – yet again?

Yes, I’m thankful for my imagination and the immediate jump I make to see the humor in life as it hits me; and I’m also thankful that I can also see that some things aren’t funny – they are just sad because of how some people have so much fear and sadness in their lives. I don’t really want to make that fear or sadness worse, so I really shouldn’t have smiled (my first reaction) behind my mask at how uncomfortable people were to be around me just because I had a mask on my face – for their protection!


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