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Thoughts on Journaling

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on May 4, 2008

Journaling or keeping a diary can serve many purposes in our lives. From the first flush of young love, crushes and secrets we start the diary. Perhaps we need an outlet for our damped down imaginations to soar. As we grow older, it can be our best friend, an outlet for pain, a desire to create something beautiful, a way to articulate something beautiful that we have seen or experienced. Maybe we need to crow our accomplishments, to help build esteem. Or maybe our feelings are so dark, so deep, that no one else but our inner selves would understand.

When we were discussing journaling in one of the writing groups I belong to, I found that like myself, many people journal more when their souls are in torment over something. When life is going well, not much if any is written; yet when life is showing it’s most profound side, or hateful even, then the journal is like a life line, thrown out there to keep us sane. Also, it is a healing tool. A great person today mentioned to me that a person should not hold in their grief, but to write through it. Yes, very good advice. Even if you don’t need to share your grief with another, writing is a way of letting it out so that the healing can at least begin. Later, maybe even decades later, you can revisit your writing and see yourself as you were and know that you grew through the experience. And perhaps then, when the wounds aren’t so fresh, you can use the material to help others heal. We are not alone and the power of the pen sometimes provides us with a bridge to the other side, the one not so dark or painful to live in. Yet we can cross back across that bridge when we want and evoke memories, or even, as many have done, destroy the bridge because we do not need it’s crossings any longer.

Not all journaling is dire dark and dreary, or even a healing tool. At times, we want to record little incidents or tidbits just so we won’t forget how moved we were by the sky, how funny that outing was or how wonderful a person we met seemed to be. Perhaps we want to remember a certain phrase someone said because it was so profound.


One Response to “Thoughts on Journaling”

  1. Meander said

    i have always had some sort of journal or diary. as i get older i find it very useful just to remember what in the heck happened in my life.

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