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Old friends, good friends, my own space

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on May 3, 2008

The computer was down for a couple of days, actually, it was my wireless modem, but now I’m back and running. Today I had a client come by to have her taxes done, but she’s also a soul mate type of friend. While we were working, and after, we visited for a while and it was wonderful. She lives about 250 miles away, so we don’t get to visit often. Many of my clients have become friends and I always enjoy visits from them, even if it is to work because then we have the chance to catch up on each others’ lives.

One of the things my friend brought up was that this year, she bought a small camper on a lot on a lake. She’s married and both her husband and herself travel a lot for work. But since she has bought the place, her husband has not been there – it is deemed ‘her place’. So now, when she wants just to go veg out or contemplate her navel, she has a place to do it. I think it’s wonderful that her husband lets her have her ‘space’. It’s not a matter of the money, it wasn’t an expensive place – very small and bare essentials (water and a roof). And an awesome bed from what I heard. I think every person needs their own space – it doesn’t have to be a remote cabin in the woods, as mine would be if I had it – it just needs to be their own space. Some people thrive on the malls and the people and maybe just one bench where they can sit and anonymously watch the people go by is enough to give someone a mental breather. I’m more of the ‘get lost in the woods’ kind of person and don’t really have my own space, yet. I make do by finding space when I can, but not often. Even my writing is often watched or interrupted, such as now when I am typing this, my husband keeps wandering in and looking over my shoulder, and makes comments like “that doesn’t look like work to me”.  (I already fixed their dinner, so they must be lonely)

Tomorrow, I will find personal space in my work. I get to go take some measurements at a ranch for a gun range. I’ll probably take the two teen boys with me for help, but won’t mind at all if they don’t come or if they do, that they maybe wander off to the lake to fish or just throw rocks or get muddy.

So if you are reading this – give this a thought. What is your own personal private space? Do you have one or do you maybe feel you don’t even need one?


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