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Hump Day

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on May 1, 2008

Today has been a frustrating day with the computer simply because my DSL isn’t working properly. It may have something to do with the high winds we have had today, or just the simple matter that I saw the phone truck outside yesterday and they have done something to my line. I had to use an old computer with an old dial up system to get on line and it is SOOOOO slow and driving me crazy. 

I got a wonderful call this evening from a family friend, what many call our Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) family. They are going to start visiting my dad in his nursing home now that they know where he is. My brother doesn’t give out information and he is in charge of my dad’s care now. But I knew the name of the nursing home and the city, sent out an email to a couple of my dad’s pals from the 60’s & 70’s – and ta-da! The old grapevine had people calling me the same day. Our adopted family from the middle east is very large – we were part of the first 500 families allowed to live there while our fathers worked there. We became very close and still to this day they have annual reunions. Anyway, it was sad, but sweet to hear the latest news and I felt bad to have to tell people what has become of my father with his increasing dementia.  It’s a little painful to write about and some of my thoughts and actions I wouldn’t want to put out there for the general public (or family) to read. Is that sad, or what? Right now, dad is in an OK nursing home with good inspection results; they have an Alheimer unit and from what I hear, he does OK in the day time and they keep him active. But every night he packs his bags and thinks he will leave the next day. I am not sure if he is ever going home again. Since his home is up for sale, he doesn’t really have anywhere to go. Don’t get me wrong, he is welcome to live with me, but when he was in full charge of his mental facilities, he never wanted to move to Texas, and now it is probably too late. My brother does have full power of attorney, and for better or worse, he will see to my dad’s care unless something comes up and I have to step in and take him to court to get the power transferred back to me. As long as dad is getting good care, I don’t care where he lives or who has control of the money.  Anyway, it’s nice to know we still have friends (family like) that care so deeply for us and keep us in their prayers.


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