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April showers

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on April 29, 2008

What a month we have had. Temperatures from freezing to near 100. Earthquakes within 150 miles, tornados in under 15 miles, hail, more hail, drought, freezing rain (2 inches in under an hour), sunburn and heatstroke, every kind of allergy you don’t want. Nature went nuts – animals, birds, plants all acting out of character. This is a month to remember, and it still has two more days to go. I’ll actually be glad when it is over.

It’s been a busy and profitable month, money wise. It’s been an active and charitable month, it’s been fun and sad. Wow! I need to write down every single little thing that happened in this month, maybe in my private journal. I didn’t much enjoy the month though, as I’ve been worn down with pnuemonia and still not completely well. I have no energy at all and am totally physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Thank god I have an outlet for this in my various writings, my various outdoor activities and my looking forwardness. It’s funny – I would be worn out and brain dead and sore, but once I am doing something I like, for instance, paddling a canoe with my son for half a day – I would feel good and clear headed and not really notice whatever ills, aches & pains had a grip on me. This past weekend, I had virtually no sleep, lots of work and meetings, spent a day in the sun working with kids and guns, only lost my voice a couple times, got sun burnt and got my first annual dose of chiggers or poison ivy – not sure what it will turn into. But I had a blast. Sometimes I think I am allergic to being cooped up in my home/office for days at a time. The outdoors definitely revitalizes me. After I pay a couple of bills, then hopefully April can go away peacefully. Is it April that is supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb? That’s surely what happened, even if the rhyme is in reverse. Everyone who reads this, say a prayer for my daddy. He’s in a nursing home now and may never be able to live on his own again. It’s mental deterioration, not physical. And he’s so confused, more like a prison to him and every day for over a week, he packs his bags because he thinks he can go home. Maybe that’s all he has to live for now. If he quits doing that, will he give up on life itself? He thinks, when he remembers me, that I have deserted him because I helped my brothers completely assume his care giving and guardianship.

May, and summer, wish you were here. There’s so much life to look forward to!


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