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On the mend

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on April 22, 2008

After a long and fruitful tax season, things are finally beginning to wind down to an even, slow influx of work. It’s actually been almost a week since the dreaded (by others) April 15th deadline, but it’s taken me all week to get my files tidied up and billings sent out. There were a lot of extensions this year, so combined with the ongoing onslaught of notices by the IRS, I will still be busy for months to come. I don’t know where the last week went – but a few days before the deadline I came down with pnuemonia and it’s taking me a long time to bounce back. Today is the first day I haven’t had to take any medication to get through the day, although I am sure I will have to dose up in the night if I don’t want to cough my fool head off. The herbal teas and remedies seem to be the most effective, at least in giving comfort and allowing me to sleep a few hours at a time. My herb gardens are getting a makeover this year as well as some of my flower gardens (which also turn partly into herb gardens – the rose & hibiscus & fruit teas are always a pleasure to share. The older I get, the longer it seems to take me to bounce back. I really need to get out and start walking every day and extend my treks through the woods. Besides allowing me to recoup my sanity and enjoy the springliness of everything, my endurance is shot and I’ve got to build up for my two week stint in the New Mexico mountains in July. I’m so acclimated to the flat lands here that the slightest increase in elevation will wear me down in nothing flat. So, besides my walks and canoeing, I probably should hit the stair climber too, if I can find a good gym. I’m so not looking forward to that, but I’d rather buff up a little now and sweat a little more than find myself slapped down with altitude sickness. I think I’ll procrastinate a few more days and see if I can shake off the last dregs of this bug as it still sends me into chest aching coughs even if I giggle a little.

But on to brighter things. This upcoming weekend I’ll be spending the day doing one of the things I love – teaching black powder shooting to teens. To get ready for this, I need to make a trip to the ‘toy store’, which is what I call one of our local sporting goods stores, to pick up the supplies we will need for the event. Hopefully, while I am at the shooting event, I will also have time to take some of the necessary measures, soil samples and GPS readings for my tech guide, the first review of which will be this weekend by those highly involved in the Capital Area Shooting Sports committee. And that reminds me – I need to touch up my draft and print out a few sets to pass around – eek! I should have been working on this all week last week, but it’s slipped my mind. So maybe not so much reading as I thought – this is important work with a deadline I’ve managed to ignor for a few days.

One pleasant thing I have done this past week is read. I’ve not read much the past couple of months due to working until all hours of the morning, but last week I was able to get back to reading a couple of books and writing reviews for the SCN website. One of my all time favorite authors, Nevada Barr, came out with a book the first of this month called ‘Winter Study’, which I’ll get reviewed in the next couple of days. Also, I finally got a copy of Sandi Ault’s newest release, “Wild Inferno’ which review was posted today. I can’t say enough good things about this author – she just blows me away and I eagerly await her next in the series. I’m also reading and hope to review “Rogue” by Rachel Vincent. And, if the book ever comes in, the latest Sue Henry book will also pleasurably occupy my time. The interesting theme that runs through all these books is animals. I didn’t plan it this way, they just happen to be on my current radar. Next week I’ll probably be back to reading and reviewing some memoirs, such as Carmin Bin Laden’s book and Sixty-Five Roses, but for now, I’m enjoying the breath taking outdoors vicariously with some kick ass wolves, bears, sled dogs and wereanimals and the women they gift with their presence. So much fun to read! My son and his friends have been enjoying my latest writing and the digging I’ve been doing to find some of the old stories in my old writing drawer. I have a lot of fun just reading my old stuff too and slowly some of it is leaking out into my blog in the form of short quips from old stories started many years ago. The boys mostly like the Tales of As’r, but they also love the dragon stories and Dina, the were-cat along with being some of my best critics for my memoirs of my family when I was a child living in the Middle East. I’ve too much writing to do and too little time as I must keep on working (the boring, paying type of work), so TTFN!


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