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Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on April 12, 2008

My friend Joe Btfsplk

I hate to say it, but it’s that time of year when I get overwhelmed with work, and of course, when I am overloaded is when people ask even MORE of me. I think one of the best quotes I ever heard was something like, “If you want something done well, ask a busy woman.”

Also, my mascot, Joe Btfsplk (of Li’l Abner fame) has decided to pay me another visit and give me pnuemonia. It may be a mixed jinx/blessing in disguise since I can’t go lay down and rest or I’ll cough myself to death, so staying upright and semi-functioning at my computer actually feels better. I sort of thought my annual tax season jinx was negated this year because I broke my hand just before Christmas; I figured it just struck early. I used to keep a picture of Joe Btfsplk on my computer for years.

But I can say business is good and growing, I have some great books to review, people want me to teach 3-4 workshops (shooting sports) in the next month, I have tons of research gathered for my technical manual which only requires site inspections to complete and the recent earthquake, tornados & wind/hail storms have not seen fit to damage any of our property yet. Yep, it’s hard to imagine in the past week we’ve had an earthquake, dozens of tornados, flooding, massive hail and straight line winds all within 100 miles or so and none got close enough to harm us. The only thing mother nature has done to us lately is to send the deer and rabbits nibbling on my newly planted flowers.

But please Joe B.; cut me some slack, OK?


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