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The Crash of Delta Flight 191

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 30, 2008


The following short story is a true story based on an airliner crashing in Dallas on Friday, August 2, 1985. The Flight was delta Flight 191 and over 100 people were killed by this tragic accident.

A True Story Miracle of Faith, Aug. 11, 1985

Recently I became engaged to a very fine man whom I believe to be my perfect soul mate. My life had been rather dismal and lonely until he came along, and often I called him ‘my rainbow’ in an otherwise often stormy sky. My fiance had been traveling a lot out of town for the past months with weekend trips home. Every weekend I would pick him up at the airport so that we could spend as much time together as possible. Usually the airlines were running late, but when I called to check on this trip home, I was informed that the flight was on it’s way in right then. Already running late, I jumped in the truck and hurried to the airport in an unseasonal summer thunderstorm.

Just a few mintes prior to reaching the terminal, where the weather was even worse, the radio music was interrupted by a special news broadcast. A large commercial airliner had crashed north of the runway, but as yet, no details were available. Immediately, I was alarmed, fearing that my fiance may have been on that particular flight. Turning into the north entrance of the terminal, I could see a smoldering mass of what had once been a large airliner. I knew from prior experience with airplanes, and from just plain common sense, that not many, if any, peole could have survived that crash.

“Dear Lord”, I prayed, “please don’t tell me my love was on that flight”. With tears in my eyes and praying all the while, I slowly inched my way along with the developing traffic jam into the airport. I’d never felt such sorrow and fear of losing something so vey precious to me that had taken me nearly 30 years to find. Suddenly, the rain stopped and on the horizon I could see three rainbows, side by side, something I had never before witnessed. Then, a feeling of calm and assurance washed over me and I knew that God had given me a sign that my love, whom I’d often called my rainbow, was safe and well.

Although many people died on that fated Delta Flight 191, my fiance had not been among them. I pray that God watches over the souls of those who died as he was watching over my love. Thank you God, for that show of rainbows to help me keep my faith.


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