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Nesting and singing

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 30, 2008

A friend of mine suggested I read and comment on her recent entries in her blog containing contemplations, writing prompts and conversation starters. (See www.riehlife.com ) One of the comments she made a couple days ago asks us ‘What does your safe writing place look like’. It led to a lot of thinking and perhaps insight, a bit, came forth. Where do I write, and where in my mind frame am I when I write? Most often, I write in my business office, but it isn’t where the ideas start. The ideas often start in my bed at night as I am falling asleep. So my safe place to write (metaphorically) is in my bed, under the soft fuzzy blanket with the lights out and the house completely still. I will puzzle out a story line or writing prompt and dig for or discard ideas. All in my head. If I can’t sleep, I may get up and write a few things down, but usually they can wait until the next day and I’ll make a note to myself of a brief outline of the idea. Then, when I get a break in my busy day, I will hurriedly rush to get an idea on paper or on the computer. When I need a break from the cacophony that exists in my house and home office, I take the written page or print out to the front porch and visit with my cardinals, hummingbirds and koi pond. There, I correct and add, delete or flesh out my writing while glancing up when I hear the hummingbird zoom near or the cardinals scold me – I haven’t figured out why they do that yet.

So in answer to the shortened question, ‘Where is my safe place to write?’ – the answer is alone, in the dark, in my head or away from noise and technology with only the fish, birds and lizards to watch me or comment on my progress. Perversely, these same two places are my most comfortable places to relax and read also. I really need to find a better place to write (and read) because it is too easy to let the stress and pressure of work, family and phones interrupt the flow.


2 Responses to “Nesting and singing”

  1. Ronnie, I love this! Yes…bed as a safe place to nest and write. I do this, too. Isn’t it wonderful to have writers waking dreams in bed?

    Thanks for participating on Ronnie’s Ramblings in the conversation.

    Janet Riehl

  2. dbarber59 said

    My safe writing space. What a great question. Temporal, geographical, emotional.

    Temporal: Late at night when the house is quiet is a wonderful time to write. Somehow the muse comes out in full and the words began to flow in great waves. I love this time.

    Geographical: Walking along the river, I’m safe to write and think. The breeze is cool, the trees colorful and the river calling to me. I can stay at the red waters and write volumes listening to the click of the aspen leaves keeping time.

    Emotional: (This is a tougher one) When I’m at peace and rested, the muse is out. It’s safe to write. But also when I’m alone and in a strange place, the muse is alive to write. Both places are safe.

    Dave Barber

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