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Hello Dina (pronounced Dee’ na) the cat

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 30, 2008

Hi everyone! I want to introduce you to Dina. Dina is a cat living in the Hill Country of central Texas. But she’s not an ordinary cat – she’s a shape shifter who stumbles along in her alternate personality as a human. I’ve been fortunate to befriend Dina and from time to time she tells me some of the stories that make up her life. Since I saw her today, she’s fresh in my mind. She happened to see my blog entry about the mountain lion tracks and wants me to show her where they are to make sure someone (something?) hasn’t invaded her territory. I wonder if she considers me part of her territory? Or a minion? Hopefully, only a friend!

How weird is it that she has two very protective minions which happen to be ordinary dogs? That’s another thing Dina wanted to talk about today as I mentioned she seemed to be dragging her tail. Every where she goes, they can be found, following her around, placing themselves between her and other people, sleeping on her feet wherever she lights or even crawling in her bed when a thunderstorm surfaces. Take last night for instance. Out of the blue around 1:00AM, a brief thunderstorm decides to attack the slumber of the two dogs. Their immediate reaction is to jump into Dina’s bed and crawl up to lay on her face and neck, or as near as possible and demand Dina’s comfort and protection until the storm monster goes away. She says she has lost many nights of sleep keeping company with her minions.

Let me describe Dina to you, just a bit, no more. She’s tall, fair skinned and carries a long, thick luxurious mane of hair. Her talons are long and unpolished and if you get near her – you have to watch out that she doesn’t accidentally slice you. Did I mention she was a klutz? Only in her human form, of course. Somehow, she says, she doesn’t quite manage to carry off any feline grace when she’s on two legs instead of four paws.

Over the weeks, as she tells me her little stories, I will share them with you. She has an emphatic touch with birds and animals, an uncanny sense of direction and tracking skills and a fearless, fun loving approach to embracing life. An awkward quirk she has – she loves to be on, in and around water outdoors, when she’s in human form. But a bath – in a room – in a house? puh-lease! I’ve caught her more than once washing her hair with a hose in the yard, and I know better than to get too close if I want to stay dry.


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