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Therapy for writer’s block

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 27, 2008


With life keeping me busy, my mind is a-swirl with incomplete ideas, lists, work to be done, worries about a family crisis just simmering under boil. Finally today I decided to push through and get a LOT of paying work done, then left the house to cruise the craft aisle in a couple local stores. Thankfully, I found something that spurred my inner creative soul and bought some swatches of material. Tonite I am working on some Swedish embroidery pieces. This requires me to sit still and focus on counting stitches. These beautiful pieces are almost a lost art, I haven’t seen any handmade towels, table covers or other in this type of work other than the pile of them I made for last Christmas. While there is not a lot of creative flow needed, I can choose many fun colors and adjust the mirrored geometric designs to suit my pleasure. For Christmas, I often use vibrant red towels with green pine tree patterns. For Valentine’s Day, red with white or the reverse are fun to decorate with mirrored hearts. I can match kitchen patterns or tea pots. Today, I am choosing a bright yellow fabric and using threads to match colors to one of my sets of tea pots. The pattern is just a whimsey but fun to work with. Now I can relax and create, not having to think about anything more than pulling the threads out if I misplace or miscount in my pattern. For some reason, this mindless creativity helps melt the blocks set in place by having too much on my mind and the indecision on what to do next. Like knitting or the endless summer job of peeling tomatoes, this busy work will help me get back on track where I need to be. Now I just need to get a better camera for myself (or learn to use my son’s) so I can get better pictures! The towel I show at the opening is one I made last summer for every day use. There’s probably a flaw in in somewhere, which would be why I still have it instead of giving it away as I usually do.


One Response to “Therapy for writer’s block”

  1. Susan Ideus said

    While I’ve never tried the Swedish embroidery, I have done counted cross-stitch for years. Haven’t done much lately, but you’ve inspired me to pick it up again. I remember now that when I stitch, my mind often clears for awhile. I concentrate on what I’m doing in that moment and I relax. I need to get away from that which is blocking my writing and gain some perspective. Sometimes, my thoughts turn to the intended recipient of the piece I’m working on. Much like when I work on a crocheted or knitted prayer shawl, I find myself putting prayers and love into each stitch. I don’t often create the designs, but I can create my own color-scape for each one, as though my needle and thread are painting on the fabric. There are times when I can’t put a piece down until I finish this row or that section — like reading a well-crafted intiguing plot, I want/need to see how it looks finished. As for keeping something that is “flawed”, I don’t let that deter me from sharing it. It is a gift from my hart, from my very human self, and once given, I find the mistake doesn’t loom nearly as large as I thought.

    Happy stitching, my friend!!

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