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Nature out my windows

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on March 9, 2008

Last night while in my garage, I heard the coyotes howling. They were so close, it seemed they were on the other side of the door. Last year, they popped out of the woods and went running in a pack down the street. As I made my way through the house and out the door, they serenaded me from so close, they must be in my yard beside the house. I shivered as delicious chills ran down my back. Quietly, I sneak back into the house and then yell for my son to come listen. I go back out to enjoy the serenade, then in moments, the front door slams with a bang. “Where are they?” asks my son. He’d scared them away.

Driving home from the movies today, we paused at the end of our street to enjoy the treat of 11 – yes, we counted them – 11 bucks complete with horns still! Two of them are mock fighting. We haven’t seen this many deer all winter in one group, and only one or two bucks and it’s an impressive sight. We thought they were gone, but it looks like they have a huge presense and the war of the roses will begin in earnest. Watching, watching, when suddenly my son’s buddy jumps out of the ‘Burb and tears off in sheer joy into the midst of the herd. His day glo green (signature colors) blurred across the grass and the herd bounds away. Skipping, satisfied with his little jaunt into madness, the green blur returns to our truck. Spring madness seems to be taking over more than one species.

The cardinal scolds me from the tree outside my window. I’ll have to compare video and stills from prior years and see if there is a way to tell if this is the same one, returning to the same spot and habits every year. Mockingbirds make nests in the Photinias, Cardinals like the Grapefruit trees for their home. The hummingbirds will soon drop by – they came in February last year! I’d better get the feeders ready. The dove are gone. They will return in hunting season, where they sit by the dozens mocking us each morning, knowing they are safe here in the suburbs.

Tomorrow I hope to find more tracks of the mountain lion, maybe get some pictures of the flowering Red buds and the lone Dogwood tree in the nearby woods. I need inspiration for my writing and to recharge my batteries for the tackling the pile of work that exploded on my desk since Friday evening. Now tax season has hit me hard and taking this one day off to share my son’s birthday has gotten me hopelessly swamped with work. I indulged myself with cooking this morning and made a birthday cake using Peach essence in the cake and in the fudge topping. The house smells like heaven! As the trees and vines come to life, I’ll have to experiment with this again. Apple blossom, hibiscus, lemon zest, grapefruit, peach, nectarine, grapevine, pears, rosemary blossoms, lavendar, spearmint, mulberry, rose hips, parsley, lemon basil, blackberries, turmeric. How can I spice up my garden and orchard this year? The pet rabbits LOVE the fresh veggies (as do the deer) and it seems I plant more for them than I do for myself. I’ll be so sick of everything by late summer but my pantry and deep freeze will be full. I let some of the pears rot on the tree and the deer very kindly cleaned them up for me. (I’m permanently sick of pears, to my husband’s chagrin)


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