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Spinning My Wheels today, going nowhere

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on February 23, 2008

I’m missing one finger nail, or the tip, on my right hand and it’s been driving me crazy for 3 days. I broke it off while I was cleaning a tricky part on a gun. Now I have 9 perfect nails, nicely rounded and just long enough past the finger tips to look elegant, then this one finger right in the middle jumps out at me – it’s torn to the quick and looks awful. Am I vain, or what? Ha! I’m combating a serious writer block today. I want to write today but my writer mind set is blank and I have so much work I need to do, I feel like I am spinning my wheels. My dad is supposed to have taken off from his home (bad weather and roads) early this morning to drive a couple hours north where he will be staying until he gets moved, and nobody has heard from him for hours, or at least they aren’t telling me? So I’m worried.  The boys are bored and hinting at the lack of food that should be cooking on the stove. And every time I get near the computer that finger nail looks at me like I did it on purpose. Not one of my better creative working days.


One Response to “Spinning My Wheels today, going nowhere”

  1. nancy franke said

    I am so sorry about the problems you are having with your Dad. I am going through much the same things with my mother, who is on hospice and has COPD. She doesn’t have dementia, but suffers from oxygen deprivation so might as well have dementia. It is such an awful problem–preserving a parent’s dignity while keeping them safe. My mother insists on living alone and won’t discuss what will happen when she can’t any more. My boss has been understanding so far, but how much more time can I expect to take off to run after my mother? She makes drs. appointments and then tells me, plans things and lets me know. AARGH!

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