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Removing a Virus from computers

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on February 20, 2008

I just spent 3 days, no maybe more, trying to remove several virus forms from my son’s computer. Although I was successful at first in finding and isolating a few of them, there was a really bad worm AND a Trojan on there. After days of messing with this, I finally got on my own computer and bought some new software to assist me. I spent at least 5-6 hours today scanning, quarantining and finally – yes – at last! – deleting some of the most repellant things I have ever seen. I managed to save a couple of programs, photo files and such during the process, but it was touch and go there for a while.

What I want to know, as do many others I am sure, is where do these things come from and what drives people to put them out there? I cannot fathom why someone would create something like this and unleash it onto the sometimes uncautious public. One of them was traced to a Russo/European origination area. Is this some kind of terrorist thing directed at us (meaning non-Russo/European countries)? Or is it, as some suggest, an advertising gimmick to make you buy more stuff to protect what you have already bought. We have been fortunate here that the virus/trojan/worm gift pack that we received did not spread to our wireless server or any of the other computers in our home and office; although that isn’t verified yet. Maybe this is a head’s up – making me see that ‘paper files’ is still a much more valuable method of storing data than on a computer. I have always printed copies of my business work and run back ups at the end of each year of the entire data file plus periodic back-ups, so I am safe there (except from the fire hazard!), but my photos, some of my research and some of my writing are not stored away from the computer. In trying to become more ‘paperless’, I think I have let myself become too dependant on the computer. Lesson learned, more CD’s & Zip drives are in my future too.


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