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She Wolf

Posted by Range Officer Rhonda on February 15, 2008

She WolfAs I watch the rosy hues of first part of day, I raise my nose to check the breezes for news. Ahh, there would be meat today to help the boys grow strong. Glancing over my shoulder, ever diligent in keeping tabs on my offspring, I see the two young pups tumble from the den below and plow into their father. As usual, he growls at them and gives them a kick with his back paw, which only serves to invite them to practice their own growls. 

As I watch out the window at the rising sun, I inhale the fresh brew of my morning cup of tea. I need to go to the store today or we wouldn’t have much to eat for dinner. Glancing at the clock, I realize the noise I hear is my husband rummaging around in the fridge and wonder if the boys are up. A clatter in the kitchen and low growl of voice affirms that indeed, the boys have encountered their dad, who is not at his best without that first cup of coffee.

 I am reluctant to leave the den, to find food for my family, but at some point I must trust the others to watch over the pups while my mate and I team up to bring down some fresh food. You can only protect the young ones so much. Giving a low whine, I call to my mate. Spotting me on the hill, he rushes up. Sniffing the air, he turns to break away and chase after the game. Grabbing him by the ruff, I give a low growl of warning. He backs down, quivering with anticipation, then I give him a lick or two to smoothe the snarled tangles of hair around his eyes. 

I am reluctant to leave the house yet for my trip to the store, but I have to trust that the bus will come on time and deliver the boys to school for their daily dose of education. I called out to my husband to hurry up so we could beat the early shoppers to town. He comes into the room with coffee in hand and nuzzles my neck with a playful nip. Smacking his hand from it’s playful roaming, I turned to brush a lock of his unruly hair from his eyes and smile at his rumpled look with fondness.

 Today was a good day to be alive and after quickly capturing some tasty prey, we stopped on a hill to let the breeze blow through our manes to cool us down and lap up the cool clear water from a nearby spring. Sniffing some fragrant sage, we both roll around in the grasses and gorse to coat ourselves with the clean earth smells. Although being mated for five seasons, we still felt young at heart sometimes and liked to enjoy our inner pups. 

We made quick business of our shopping, surprised to find some fresh late season vegetables at the open air market. At the café on the hill, we stopped for a break and sat in the cooler shade of the outdoor tables as the breeze cooled our skin of the sweat that we had earned in our walk up the hill. As we sipped our cool drinks, we noticed the fresh flowers on our table, and being in a silly mood, my husband plucked a couple of petals from the roses, rubbed them between his fingers, then smoothed the fragrance on my cheek.

(copyright, R. Esakov, 2008)


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